Life In The Life After – Part 4: You keep On knocking But You Can’t Come In!


Recently when speaking to a lady after I had given her a message from her husband during a demonstration of mediumship she expressed how thrilled and moved she was that her husband had come forward for her having waited for 30 years after his passing for that to happen.

‘I thought he didn’t want to contact me or speak to me’ she explained with water-filled eyes that told of her pain. ‘Why has it taken him so long?’

A question that people often ask when they have visited a Medium for a private reading or a demonstration where their loved ones have not come forward, or not the loved one they were hoping for is ‘Why?’

Especially if the relationship between them was a close and loving one.

The willing Spirit will keep on knocking

The Three Components of Communication

The process of communication from a Spirit through a Medium is a very delicately balanced one and is made up of three main components.

Firstly the energy connection between the Spirit and the Medium. This should  be relatively strong for communication to be successful and the Spirit needs to feel comfortable with the Medium they choose to convey their details and a message to.

The second important factor is the energy between the Medium and the recipient of the communication. This ideally should be as comfortable as possible as the energy may be reduced if there is not a feeling of connection between the two parties.

The third process is a well blended energy between the Spirit, Medium and recipient as a whole to enable a good clear connection. Communication may still take place in lesser circumstances but could be limited and fragmented in its quality and the Spirit or the Medium then be unable to maintain the link.

The Perfect Connection

If the energy is fragmented it may be more challenging for the Spirit to deliver or for the Medium to receive accurate information that clearly identifies the Spirit which may be the loved one that is hoped for.

The vibration of the mind of the Spirit is lighter, faster and finer than the mind of the medium without the physical body to harness it, and so the Spirit is required to slow the pace of their thoughts, while the Medium must expand and lift the energy of their mind until the two vibrations find a meeting place that works.

This is easier for the Medium to achieve than the Spirit as raising the vibration is a natural mind process, and less experience Spirit communicators may find it more challenging to slow their mind energy for enough time if at all and so a connection is not made. In this situation other Spirit may lend their energies to help but as communication is experimental its success cannot be guaranteed.

I liken the connection to the difference between a super fast broadband connection and one that drops out regularly. The service is there but not fully functional if at all, but when and if the Spirit finds a Medium who they can blend with and feel a connection to then communication may be achieved.

There are however, Spirit who because of personal circumstances or relationship challenges prefer not to communicate through a Medium.

Others find the mediumship process uncomfortable as a third party means of communication but who can, and prefer to make their presence known to loved ones directly.

In my experience, where there is love between Spirit, family and friends there is the opportunity for communication to take place even if that takes some time to achieve.

The willing Spirit will keep on knocking until they can come in and if you are still waiting for that moment to arrive have hope and keep an open mind- It can happen at any time!

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Sue Rattle - 7th August 2016 Reply

Donna ‘Life in the life after’ is just fascinating, please write lots more and Thank You Xx

Donna Stewart - 29th December 2016 Reply

Thank you Sue, I am so pleased that the blog has inspired you and hope you continue to enjoy them in the future.. x

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