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From Spirit With Love – Part 8

From Spirit With Love – Part 8   Stepping Out As the months passed by vividly I was becoming increasingly busy as more bookings for sittings and public demonstrations came in on a regular basis. Most of the private sittings I gave were for friends or their friends so that I could have plenty of […]

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7 Smile At A Stranger

Smile At A Stranger If we smile at a stranger, two most definite things will happen. We will feel better and importantly too, someone else will feel better. A smile doesn’t happen by accident and it isn’t just a random movement of the lips. It’s a whole concept of a shift inside of us that […]

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2 Miracles or Determination To Succeed

Miracles or Determination To Succeed Since the beginning of time we have been told about the power of miracles. Events that happen against all of the odds that they should. Moments that seem to bring about change when we cannot comprehend their source, and circumstances that defy probability to the very edge. But is this the energy […]

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